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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Like Attracts Like

As known, thought is an energy. It creates force that comes from within us. This force affects not only our own life but those living around us. Here, exist the importances of entertaining the thoughts that can serve all our harmony purposes. Look for the good and bright side of everything and always expect good. If your expectation is strong, it will manifest itself into the reality of your life and those that are around you.
"Like attracts like" is well known phrase and has been mentioned in The Secret. A thought attracts other people that have the same kind of thoughts. About our circumstances, we attract the circumstance that we have been expecting. We attract things that are similar to our thoughts. Anais Nin said that "We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are."

All the similar people are with each other. Good people can be seen among the good people. Programmers are often drawn to another programmer. If you bring two programmer that has same personality from different country to one place, you will find that they get along very well. If you go to the playground, watch a group of young and innocent children playing with each other happily, you will somehow be able to feel the feelings that are being generated by those children. If you add one more child into that group, you will realize that child become part of that one group.

The law "like attracts like" is operating all the time and it has bring things into our life. Our goal is to recognize this law and make it to work for us, for the good of all. We must recognize this law so that we can attract the things that we want into our life. Either you are conscious of this law or not, it can be seen to be operating everywhere.

The step you can take is to recognize your ability of mastering and utilizing this law. Everything else you need already exist within you. It’s from within you, it creates your reality. Take control of yourself and your thought. You have to choose the choice that you can attract the reality you want.